Multiple Teams · Falcon Girls Basketball Team List

Congratulations! The following girls will be Lady Falcons basketball players for the 2018-19 basketball season!
Lily Meetze
Elizabeth Rew
Caroline Christensen
Cache Jones
Isabel Stanley
Ariel Miller
Riley Beyer
Junior Varsity:
Allison Troyer
Elaine Jacobs
Jess Kolp
Carly Shoup
Madison Moore
Kate Hoover
Mary Anne Combs
Eden Hester
Ree Williams Zoller
Alexis Jacobs
Trinity Patty
Middle School:
Hannah Leneschmidt
Kelly Gregory
Olivia Harmon
Madelyn Joye
Anna Thompson
Emily Mason
Bess Thompson
Kally Lane
Lawson McLendon
Connie Anne Woodard
Eliza Reynolds
Savannah Alexander
Abby Wilson
Jordan Henthorne
Practice tomorrow for all teams will be tomorrow from 3:45 to 5:30 at Denny Terrace! Be on the lookout for a very detailed email tomorrow!